Danube-INCO.NET reaches today a very successful end-of-project

30. Jun 2017

... however in every end, there is also a beginning...

The project team, coordinated by ZSI, has been intensively working to support the research and innovation community of the Danube Region for three and a half years. Activities have fostered policy dialogue and integration of the Danubian R&I systems into the European Research Area. The project managed to create networks among key stakeholders and have also contributed analyses to support the regional R&I development and decision making. The events, publications and policy recommendations have always aimed to reach an audience as broad as possible and engaged in the future macro-regional development of the Danube Region.

Here you can find the public deliverables as well as some key reports produced by the project team.


Danube-INCO.NET has  always aimed to become a stable reference point for high quality information on R&I relevant to DR countries. Starting from tomorrow, the information service provision, consisting in the  portal and related newsletter, will be re-designed by ZSI with the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy.

This can guarantee, until autumn 2019, a basic service including quarterly newsletters as well as portal updates.  To further extend this information provision other relevant STI stakeholders will be approached by ZSI in the next weeks to investigate the possibility of additional support so as to create soon a sustainable knowledge sharing community.

To get in contact with the project team, please send us an email at:


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