Strengthening the Social Entrepreneurial Landscape – Stakeholder Meeting

20. Jun 2017

On the 8th June 2017 ZSI organised the first Austrian SENSES Stakeholder Meeting

Representatives from social enterprises, intermediary organisations and funding organisations participated in the meeting. Katharina Handler and Irina Vana from ZSI gave an overview of the project activities and aims. Afterwards the participants worked together on the topics “support and awareness raising” and “competences and skills” and presented their views in the plenary.

The participants agreed that - despite the existing multiple stakeholder group of intermediary organisations - a representation of interests organised by social entrepreneurs is important to raise awareness. Regarding competences the fundaments beside knowledge on social impact are business knowledge and a pro bono attitude. Other topics discussed were e.g. funding and financial situation, support programmes, social impact measurement and teaching on a university level. These topics will be deepened in further meetings.  

For more information on the project please visit the official project website

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