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"Supporting Record Centres of Excellence: Conclusions for Policy"

4. Mai 2005

Table of Contents
'Policy options and recommendations of the RECORD Thematic Network' by Balázs Borsi and Gábor Papanek
'Innovation policy: a frame for a change' by Djuro Kutlaca
'Policy implications of RECORD benchmarking' by Klaus Schuch and Peter Stanovnik
'Intelligent benchmarking: how to design and use it for learning in Central and Eastern Europe' by Attila Havas
'Utilisation of benchmarking methodology in the governance and management of research and development: expierence from the Czech Republic' by Adolf Filacek and Karel Aim
'Innovation policy and benchmarking RTD in Hungary' by Tamás Balogh
'What about National Innovation System in Poland?' by Eva Okon-Horodynska
'Inter-institutional RTD co-operation between Austria and the Central European Candidate Countries under the 4th and 5th European Framework Programmes for RTD' by Klaus Schuch

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