Publication opportunity in "Science and Innovation"

22. Mai 2017

The journal "Science and Innovation" of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences is looking for international contributions

The new issue of the journal "Science and Innovation" ( and its English version (  have just been released by the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The journal “Science and Innovation” publishes articles and short messages containing information about research, technical developments, promising innovative projects and business know-how from different areas of scientific, technical and thematic materials and reports on conferences, trade and specialized exhibitions and new scientific publications. The journal accepts for publication articles in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
Journal topics
1. General questions of modern science, technology and innovation policy.
2. Scientific basis of innovation.
3. Scientific and technological innovation projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
4. The world of innovation.
5. Legal protection of intellectual property.

If you are interested to publish in this journal, please visit this webpage.



Tags: Ukraine

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