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9. Jun 2017

Trainer on new developments in RTI policies with specific focus on RTI policy paradigms and RTI policy mixes required


ZSI publicly announces this call for an expert to provide a combined training in Vienna on the following combined topics:

  • Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) policy paradigms
  • Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) policy mixes

The „Seminar on New Developments in Research and Innovation Policy“ is organised under the EaP-PLUS project (‘STI International Cooperation Network for Eastern Partnership Countries - PLUS’). The project is funded by the European Commission under HORIZON2020. The Seminar takes place on 12th and 13th October 2017 in Vienna. Seminar language is English.

The seminar participants are senior experts from the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Countries from the field of research and innovation policy making and delivery. The seminar informs and discusses pertinent topics and new developments of research and innovation policy, such as new developments in RTI policy paradigms, RTI policy mixes, innovation support instruments and programmes, open sience etc. The trainer should be a high-level expert. The draft schedule of the seminar is attached. The training session on New Developments in RTI policy paradigms and RTI policy mixes should last around 2 to 2.5 hours in total. It should consist of sound theoretical input, practical application examples and interactive elements.

If you are interested to provide a combined training on New Developments in RTI policy paradigms and RTI policy mixes,  then please send your significant CV and a one-pager on the training structure and training sub-topics which you want to tackle in your lecture to Mr. Klaus Schuch. Travel and accommodation costs are directly covered by the organisers and must not be inlcuded in the price offer. An expert of €450,00 per days will be reimbursed. A total of 3 days can be claimed (1 day for preparation for each topic and 1 day for lecturing).

Deadline for application is 24 June 24:00.



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