Support for the Steering Platform on Research & Innovation for Western Balkans

16. Mai 2017

EC supports the organisation of meetings in 2017/18

The Steering Platform on Research for the Western Balkan (SP) aims to support the enhanced integration of the Western Balkan Countries (WBC) in the European Research Area and, in that spirit, facilitates the regional interaction as well as the interaction between the WBCs, the EU Member States, the candidate and potential candidate countries and other states associated to Horizon 2020.

From January 2008 until 2014, the SP was technically supported by the WBC-INCO.NET, a project carried out under the specific programme “Capacities” of the 7th EU-Framework Programme (FP7). With the closure of the WBC-INCO.NET project, a major pillar of support for the SP was no longer available, including the responsibility for logistics and administrative management as “Information Office of the Steering Platform”. Nevertheless, based on the interest expressed by the SP members to continue with the work, the European Commission, the Regional Cooperation Council and other stakeholders supported the organisation of the SP meetings from 2014 to 2016.

In 2017 and 2018, the SP meetings as well as three associated thematic R&I (policy) meetings / workshops / dialogues shall be prepared and implemented by the Service Facility in support of the strategic development of international cooperation in research and innovation.

The service support to the Steering Platform on Research and Innovation for Western Balkan countries will be delivered by partners of the joint tender core group ZSI (Austria), DLR (Germany) and TEAMWORK (France). For this specific contract, ZSI acts as a Service Facility lead and is managed by Ms. Ines Marinkovic.

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