Synergy Conference of Interreg DTP projects (a Danube-INCO.NET event)

22. Feb 2017

A chance for those projects funded under the first DTP call to create networks&synergies beyond existing partnerships

This event is organised by Danube-INCO.NET in Vienna, on 30th March 2017. Beside fostering new network and synergies creation between organisations participating in projects funded under the 1st Call of the Interreg - Danube Transnational Programme, it will moreover bring together relevant stakeholders from different policy fields and thus stimulate the future potentials and opportunities within the programme.

The managers and administrators of projects funded under the  Priority 1 “Innovative and Socially Responsible Danube Region”  (SO1.1 “Improve framework conditions of innovation” and SO1.2. “Increase competences for business and social innovation”) will have the unique opportunity to present their main projects’ activities and outcomes and thus create potential for further co-operation within the Interreg DTP programme. A presentation session will be organised in the so-called “PechaKucha” format where all presenters have around 7 minutes to talk about the details of their projects. By keeping presentations fast, concise and focused on the future collaboration opportunities, the session will turn out to be an actual and prompt occasion for networking.

In order to help the participants explore potential new networks as well as synergies for cooperation also in different contents, , two panel discussions will be organised. Relevant policy stakeholders will exchange views and opinions on the methods for facilitating a successful policy-level and programme-level co-operation, identifying “missing” common issues  in the Danube Region and for finally streamlining the topics of future calls towards the interests of project applicants, with a particular focus on less involved countries.

Back to back with the conference, the official kick-off  event of the DTP Interreg projects “ResInfra@DR” and “Excellence-in-ReSTI” will take place. These projects are good examples of broad and innovative project collaborations building new networks and exploring new synergy possibilities in two different areas, i.e. project management and research infrastructures. This conference will thus be also the opportunity to officially introduce these projects to the broader audience.

For more information please contact:

Mr Gábor Szüdi


Phone: +43-1-4950442-57

Please notice that details for registration will be available in next days also on this page


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