Migration and Entrepreneurship

30. Jan 2017

ZSI leads European consortium on Migration and Entrepreneurship

Under the framework of the AMIF - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, ZSI coordinates a project titled “Migrant entrepreneurs supported by mentors”, together with five European partners.

The project aims at facilitating, fostering and strengthening migrant entrepreneurship through light incubation cycles supported by mentors in five EU countries (Austria, Italy, Germany, Belgium and France) and to test a sound methodology to be further disseminated and mainstreamed in the EU MS in general.

§  The project intends to support economic and social integration of migrants supporting them in the development of new business initiatives; they will be assisted to develop their “soft” (e.g. leadership, vision, risk propensity, …) and “hard” (market knowledge, sector specific and technical competences, …) entrepreneurial skills.

§  Secondly, by involving mentors (migrants and native) that will assist migrants the project facilitates mutual cultural understanding, reduces intangible barriers between migrants and hosting communities, and favours cultural integration and social capital;

§ The project  will implement concrete initiatives aimed at facilitating the access of migrants to work and will contribute to value the role migrant entrepreneurs can play to foster integration.

More specifically, the project intends to:

§  Select and support the most promising and impacting business projects, via light incubation (an incubation focused on the validation of the business idea and concentrated in time) and mentorship programmes

§  Develop a sound and effective methodology and tools for light incubation  to be used in different contexts

The project will be implemented for a period of two years, starting in January 2017.

Further information follow soon.

Tags: asylum, entrepreneurship, integration, migration, training

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