ener2i project successfully completed in September 2016

11. Okt 2016

The project was financed by the 7th EU FP for Research Technological Development and coordinated by ZSI.

The ener2i project was successfully completed in September 2016. A final meeting took place in Tbilisi, Georgia to discuss the achievements of the project, and to provide an outlook on longer term impact and continued cooperation.

ener2i focused on bridging the gap between research and innovation in the fields of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energies (RES). It involved several EU countries (Austria, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands) and stimulated cooperation with four of the six EU Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, namely Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova.

ener2i concentrated and achieved on the following main objectives:

• With 8 workshops on innovative EE/RES technologies and on innovation policies ener2i reached out to more than 300 colleagues in business and research for enhancing their innovation capacity in the energy field.

• With 8 brokerage events in EU and EaP countries ener2i involved more than 300 colleagues in networking and building linkages between research and innovation, and for stimulating joint projects.

• With study visits and staff exchanges ener2i mobilised 47 experts for knowledge transfer and network building in EE/RES.

• With 30 allocated innovation vouchers à € 4000 (total €120,000 invested) ener2i strengthened cooperation between research and business actors in EE/RES in the participating EaP countries and at the same time facilitating the cooperation between EU and participating EaP countries.

• Several project submissions and joint projects in H2020 and COST involving colleagues from EaP countries emerged out of ener2i. In addition, a cluster of organisations working on solar energy from EaP countries was established and linked to EU partners.

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