SIC website is launching!

5. Sep 2016

Welcome to the new SIC website!

This website was created for YOU! It will help you to stay connected with everything that is happening in the field of social innovation in Europe. You will also find lots of ways to get involved in SIC activities and community. 
To help you navigate this new website, here is a brief note on how it works:  
  • Each of the SIC networks has its own section on this website to help you understand different perspectives on social innovation in Europe
  • There is also a themes section on the site, where you can find innovative projects, news and events tackling some of the societal challenges facing Europe today. 
  • You can also find content in various European languages or browse through the countries in Europe to learn more about how each country approaches social innovation.
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Remember - this website is for you, and so if you have any suggestions of the kind of content you would like to see, please get in touch. 
Enjoy browsing!

SIC is a Horizon 2020 Programme funded project run by a consortium of 12 leading organisations across Europe. SIC is building on the legacy of SIE to grow the extended network of SI practitioners, thinkers and beneficiaries. The aim of the project is to connect and grow social innovation activity in Europe, to help improve our collective capacity to address some of our greatest challenges. 

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