SMART-map: a project to support responsible innovation in selected industries

21. Jun 2016

The EU Horizon 2020 funded project 'SMART-map' kicked off its activities with a meeting in Aarhus/Denmark last week

The SMART-map project aims at the facilitation of responsible research and innovation (RRI) in selected industries of societal and economic relevance to Europe, namely: precision medicine, 3D printing and synthetic biology. SMART-map brings together a consortium of analysts and content experts to support the reflection on the relevance of RRI in these fields. We aim at developing a hands-on tool that supports industries in the RRI-sensitive design and implementation of their innovation and development processes. With this goal, SMART-map moves the RRI discussions out of the academic and public sector field and into the realm of private sector innovation activities.

In order to achieve this, the kick-off meeting in Denmark already focused on

  • sector-specificities in the innovation processes as well as the current stage of development of these fields;
  • getting a clear understanding of the tool to be developed.

The development of the industry-specific SMART-maps will itself be an inclusive process, bringing together a variety of stakeholders. ZSI's contribution is to develop a dialogue format to achieve the integration and activation of a variety of stakeholders. The most important stakeholders were also mapped at the dialogue meeting. The partners are thus well equipped for the next steps. We look forward to supporting the development of RRI in the European Research Area.

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