Innovation in the light of the ASEAN Economic Community

29. Apr 2016

ZSI co-authored a SEA-EU-NET study on the ASEAN Economic Community and its impacts on innovation in Southeast Asia

The most recent study of the SEA-EU-NET analysis team, which is led by ZSI, focuses on the relationships between economic integration and innovation. The authors compare Southeast Asian and European innovation dynamics in light of their respective economic integration processes. They focus specifically on the role of intellectual property rights and, more specifically, patents as dedicated innovation framework conditions shaped by regional innovation policies. 

In gathering quantitative and qualitative material, among other things from around 40 expert interviews, the authors are able to show a certain disconnect between the economic integration dynamics and related policies and the innovation policy landscape in ASEAN. They also point to the individual ASEAN Member States' outward orientation (beyond ASEAN) when it comes to knowledge co-production. They conclude that even in ASEAN's intergovernmental and, compared to the EU, less supranational integration model, regional innovation policy and innovation support instruments are needed to counter potential fragmentation dynamics and to establish a truly Southeast Asian knowledge market.


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