Helmut Gassler joined the Research Policy department of ZSI

28. Apr 2016

Senior researcher in the field of RTI policy analysis and business incubation joined ZSI

As of 2 May 2016, Helmut Gassler, expert in RTI policy analysis and business incubation joins the Department of Research Policy and Development at ZSI.

Helmut has demonstrable reference projects in the fields mentioned above, including evaluation of pertinent research and innovation programmes and initiatives. His academic educational background is in the field of regional economy. He was trained at the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He lectured at several universities and is currently lecturer at the Institute of Geography at the University of Vienna. Previously Helmut was working at the Austrian Institute of Technology (Department of Systems Research), Joanneum Research (Institute for Economic and Innovation Research) and at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Vienna.



Tags: businesses, research and innovation policy

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