In Focus of WBC-RTI.INFO: Towards Evaluation Culture in Western Balkans

1. Mär 2016 Newsletter - February 2016 just published

Evaluations are considered as most essential tools for evidence-based decision making and especially true for regions characterized by an adoption and adaptation of new R&I policies, programs and (support) institutions as well as by transformation of funding towards competitive schemes. At the same time, however, a lack of methodological and procedural know-how on the part of both evaluators and awarding authorities concerning purpose, design and use of evaluations is evident in Western Balkan countries.
What has to be done to improve the situation in the region? National and regional strategies emphasised the relevance of evaluation some time ago. A first Western Balkans conference on Evaluation was held just few months ago in October 2015 in Sarajevo organised by Western Balkans Evaluators Network. A first step in the right direction towards changing a "mind-set" in the region? Furthermore, can learning and promoting "evaluative thinking" within institutions in the region might be a possible way forward towards "evaluation culture"?

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