ZSI signing 3 more H2020 Grant Agreements to support International Cooperation

19. Jan 2016

Already signed are the contracts for USA, Brazil, EaP countries, for Ukraine and South Africa negotiations are ongoing

ZSI has just signed the contracts for three new projects to start in February / March 2016:


ZSI is among the 16 partners focussing on the cooperation between the EU and the USA - the two most competitive areas with highly-productive, immensely-innovative and excellence-driven research and innovation systems.

BILAT USA 4.0’s targeted transatlantic activities work towards

i) Strategic priority setting for EU-US cooperation through identifying emerging STI fields with a high benefit and added value from cooperation, thus providing evidence-based input for policy decision-making

ii) Stronger interaction between EU and US researchers through thematic events promoting funding opportunities on both sides and thus strengthening the quality and quantity of partnerships between STI actors in EU MS/AC and the USA

iii) Establishing optimal framework conditions through proposing concrete solutions for eliminating cooperation obstacles deriving from researchers’ and innovators’ feedback, thus, creating an environment that favors joint solutions for global challenges and

iv) Enhanced coordination and synergies between different policies through analyzing EU, MS/AC and US programmes and detection of duplications, thus, contributing to a greater coherence, joint ownership and resource efficiency as well as

v) Ensuring close synergies with calls launched in H2020 and their int. dimension through screening of US-targeted actions in H2020 and liaising with relevant (ERA) projects to guarantee a consistent information exchange.

ZSI is particularly involved in the analytical and scoping activities, analysis of cooperation patterns through co-publication analysis, expert consultations as well as quality assurance and knowledge management.


INCOBRA (Increasing INternational Science, Technology and Innovation COoperation between BRAzil and the European Union) is a 36-month Coordination and Support Action aiming to increase, enhance and focus Research and Innovation (R&I) cooperation between BR and EU.

INCOBRA is expected to contribute to

(i) Increased cooperation patterns – by supporting cooperation networks among BR and EU R&I actors

(ii) Enhanced framework conditions – by fostering coordination and alignment of R&I funding in BR and EU

(iii) More focused BR-EU R&I cooperation – by identifying emerging topics and opportunities in priority R&I areas for cooperation. Capacity building, sustainability will also be fully addressed by INCOBRA

INCOBRA’s approach assumes innovation as a key driver for BR-EU STI cooperation and Strategic Foresight as a relevant tool to anticipate R&I trends of mutual interest for BR and EU R&I actors, while promoting mutual openness of BR and EU R&I funding programmes to encourage cooperation.

The INCOBRA consortium comprises 13 partners (7 from EU and 6 from BR) and is coordinated by the Portuguese Innovation Society (SPI).

ZSI is general cross-cutter contributor to all WPs. But, by building upon its strategic planning and analysis capacity and its experience with dissemination and mobilization in previous FP7/H2020 projects, ZSI will provide major contributions mainly under WP1 and WP4.

ZSI is leading a task on the assessment of the cooperation performance of BR and EU R&I actors in projects funded by R&I programmes in BR and EU, particularly under FP7 and H2020. ZSI is also responsible for the installation of a web-based information system on information concerning the BR-EU cooperation landscape on R&I.


The project 'STI International Cooperation Network for EaP Countries Plus (EaP PLUS)' will be the follow-up project of the currently ongoing project 'STI International Cooperation Network for Eastern Partnership Countries  (IncoNet EaP)' and will start in autmun 2016.

The EaP PLUS is currently under contract negotiations with the European Commission, but the start is foreseen for autumn this year. It aims to stimulate cooperation between researchers from the EaP countries and EU MS and enhance the active participation of the Eastern Partnership countries in the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme. Building on the results of the 'IncoNet EaP', the project will eliminate remaining obstacles to EU-EaP STI cooperation through a number of innovative and targeted actions:

(i) Strategic priority setting through supporting EU-EaP policy dialogue and through maximizing the impact of the association to Horizon 2020

(ii) Stronger interaction between researchers & participation in H2020, i.e. Info days, cooperation with scientific diaspora, and grants for networking

(iii) Promotion of the research-innovation interface supporting communities of excellence, i.e. co-patenting analyses, clustering schemes, promotion of the technology platforms concept to EaP countries

(iv) Optimal framework conditions and increasing coordination in policies and programmes through training seminars for STI policymakers, increased coordination and synergies between policies and programmes of EU/MS and EaP, i.e. JPIs, COST, national programmes

(v) Communication and outreach through innovative actions

ZSI will be mainly involved in analytical and dissemination activities.

Furthermore, the following projects are invited to negotiations which are currently ongoing and hopefully lead to contract signatures soon: ESASTAP 2020, RI-LINKS2UA

The projects have been submitted in 2015 in response to the calls

INT-01-2015:Enhancing and focusing research and innovation cooperation with the Union’s key international partner countries - proposals targeting Australia, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Ukraine


INT-02-2015:Encouraging the research and innovation cooperation between the Union and selected regional partners – proposals targeting Southern Mediterranean Neighbourhood, Eastern Partnership.

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