EqUIP: Joint Vision for Indo-European SSH Collaboration

29. Sep 2015

EqUIP project organised successfully a Joint Learning Workshop for funding agencies, in Oslo, Norway, 15-16 Sept 2015

The  “EU-India Social Sciences and Humanities Platform” (EqUIP) -project successfully organised a Joint Learning Workshop for European and Indian funding agencies to form future visions for Indo-European SSH cooperation on the 15th and 16th of September in Oslo, Norway.

The workshop brought together over 30 participants, from 22 organisations and from 13 European countries and India. Participants shared and discussed their previous experiences on SSH EU-India collaboration, sharing best practices and identifying common approaches and barriers to effective research cooperation. They also formed a joint future vision for ideal Indo-European SSH cooperation and discussed possible options for effective EU-India multilateral funding format to realise the vision for ideal Indo-European SSH collaboration beyond the lifetime of the Equip project.

Discussions was moderated by the Centre of Social Innovation (Austria) and the Research council of Norway (Norway) and supported through participative methodologies for group work, such as Card Games and scenario building through the Disney Method and the World Cafè.

The discussion of the future of Indo-European SSH cooperation will continue in the 6 thematic symposia on different fields of SSH. Symposia will target European and Indian projects and researchers working on common areas, in order to establish larger collaborative networks and better shape common priorities. The first symposium “Inequalities, Growth and Place/Space” will be organized on the 19th and 20th of October in Delhi, India

Find more information about the Joint Learning workshop und the upcoming thematic Symposia at

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