Black Sea ERA-NET Reflection Group Meeting, Ankara

1. Jun 2015

BS-ERA.NET reflection meeting of funding parties

The aim of the workshop in Ankara was to Identify the obstacles and the successful strategies of the concluded Pilot Joint calls launched under BS-ERA.NET , ERA.Net Rus (Plus ), SEE-ERA.NET(PLUS). The main result was a set of recommendations for next joint funding activities in the region taking into account the opportunities to enhance the EU-Black Sea STI cooperation.

The present funding partners discussed the main steps of call preparation, the funding procedure and the accompanying measures to support the implementation of multilateral funding activities.

Main discussion points:

  • Methodology to identify topics for STI cooperation in Black Sea Region
  • Duties of the Call Secretariat and the NCP’s
  • Challenges and opportunities related to the call implementation:
    • Submission and evaluation process
    • Selection and funding process
    • Centralized monitoring of funded projects

A deliverable will describe the learning aspects of the funding organisations and will draft recommendations for next multilateral funding action in the Black Sea region.

The meeting was held at the premises of the Scientific and Technologcial Research Council of Turkey - TUBITAK

The author of the interim evaluation of the BS-ERA.NET joint call, Nikos Sidiropoulos contributed to the reflection meeting. ZSI (Martin Felix Gajdusek) supported the set-up of the workshop and the moderation of the interactive part of the workshop.


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