DANCERS - FP7 project successfully concluded

1. Jun 2015

Concluding workshop of the project DANCERS - DANube macroregion: Capacity building and Excellence in River Systems

After the start in 2013 and a series of interesting workshops including also dialogue fora the project concluded with May 2015. In a last concluding meeting the produced SWOT was reflected as it formed the basis for the work conducted till the project end. Following the project´s General Assembly in Vienna in December 2014, in the last five months of the project the three main outputs of the project were set up. As a main output guidance documents for better integrated river, delta and Black Sea research were set up. The Strategic Research agenda defines a next level of multi- and interdisciplinary research and identifies also the main scientific challenges for basic and applied research in the domain. Guidance for the research infrastructure development focused on river/delta/Black sea environmental research is given in a dedicated deliverable. With regard to the challenges concerning the human resource development in the field a specific HR programme is proposed that includes also logcharts for the various actions that can be started now in the region.

Find the deliverables here:

The DANCERS consortium included beside the ZSI two more well known Austrian partners contributing substantial to the research field since several decades (University of Applied Life Sciences BOKU, Water Cluster Lunz WCL)

With in the consortium ZSI contributed mainly to the dialoge activities, the development of the SWOT analysis, the HR development programme and the Strategic Research Agenda and its structure.


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