Europe 2020: Towards growth and resource efficiency

22. Jun 2015

Insights from and for Austria

The use of natural resources has significant impacts on European economy as well as quality of life of its citizens while also having long-term effects on the global scale. The uptake of innovations and technologies put increasing pressure on the use of resources. This policy brief addresses the main objectives of the 2020 strategy by putting an emphasis on the Resource-efficient Europe Flagship initiative implemented in Austria. Its focus is to help decouple economic growth from the use of resources, support the shift towards a low carbon economy, increase the use of renewable energy sources, modernize our transport sector and promote energy efficiency. Concerning Austria, special attention should be paid to even better eco-innovation facilitation, e. g. support of sectors in which Austria is not currently among the know-how leaders, taxation of pollution and resource usage, and clean air issues in urban areas, where Austria is lagging somewhat behind especially in the mobility and transport sector.

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Authors: Maximilian Wollner, Kaisa Matschoss, Petteri Repo, Anita Tregner-Mlinaric

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Tags: energy, energy efficiency

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