ZSI Empfehlung: COST BESTPRAC Training School open for registration

24. Feb 2015

Personal Communication Skills for European Research Administrators, Nuremberg May 29-June 1

The COST BESTPRAC Training School "Engaging Stakeholders throughout the Project Lifecycle – Personal Communication Skills for European Research Administrators" which will be held in Nuremberg, Germany on May 29 to June 1, 2015.
Delivering research administration support for European-funded research projects can put communications skills to the test. Administration of intercultural and often virtual research teams in this context is highly characterized by facilitating interactions amongst diverse partners - while at the same time functioning as a gateway that defines the quality and efficiency of a project’s lifecycle. It is therefore paramount for Research Administrators to build trust and respect in order to maintain effective long-term working relationships. This holds true for the relationship with Principal Investigators (PIs) as well as for all other stakeholders involved in the project, such as project officers, internal service partners like Finance, HR and PR departments, and the general public. To be a successful Research Administrator, one has to have excellent communication skills to work effectively, while maintaining their work-life-balance in this highly dynamic work environment.
The Training School on “Engaging Stakeholders throughout the Project Lifecycle – Personal Communication Skills for European Research Administrators” will equip Research Administrators with hands-on knowledge and personal strategies in order to be able to act as an effective communicator and facilitator for large European funded projects and their stakeholders. This Training School is a blended learning training program. That means - in addition to the onsite training in Nuremberg – the participants will benefit from 4 preparatory online modules (for further details please the detailed announcement), offered via an online learning platform. Participation at the online phase is obligatory for participants of the training school. The online phase starts at April 20th and lasts until May 24th.
Potential candidates are asked to make sure before applying, that they will be able to spend a minimum of 4 hours per week (5 weeks!) engaging themselves in group activities and processing tasks during the online phase. Log-In details will be distributed with the notification of acceptance. Both, online and onsite trainings modules, contain shared information from the trainer team, group activities, simulations, and role plays that refer to European Research Administrator’s specific work situations. The participants will receive in-depth individual feedback. Personal reflection time as well as fostering of knowledge exchange between participants.
Research administrators involved in the administration and management of European projects; Early stage administrators and applicants from institutions in so-called COST inclusiveness countries are especially encouraged to apply. We will be able to host up to 24 trainees during the Training School. Following COST rules, participants (trainees) of the Training School will receive a lump sum of EUR 900 for covering their travel and accommodation expenses. No additional financial support is available from COST.
Interested applicants are asked to return the thoroughly filled in application form to Martina Poell by Friday, March 20, 2015, at the very latest. No deadline extensions will be granted and late comers can, unfortunately, not be accepted. Applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection by April 10, 2015. Please do not buy tickets or make hotel reservations before you have received the official invitation through the e-COST system to attend the Training School. Only after having received this official invitation are you entitled to receive reimbursement.
Updated information on the Training School is available at
The consortium is looking forward to receiving many interesting applications and to a very fruitful and successful Training School.

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