'RRI-ICT Forum' Project Kick-Off

4. Feb 2015

Supporting and Promoting Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT research

The RRI-ICT Forum kicked off in Brussels last week! It is a 36-month project (January 2015 - December 2017) aiming at monitoring, analysing, supporting and promoting Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) contribution to and RRI approach in ICT research and innovation under Horizon 2020.

The project intends to reach the highest impact, within its 3-year project period and beyond, through the following activities:

  • Connecting: Active interaction with other RRI and SHH projects in order to understand their rationale, approach and findings, to identify best practices


  • Sharing: Development of an open online community platform devoted to RRI in ICT allowing research organizations to connect, identify potential partners (match-making functionalities), exchange information, benefit from tutorials and toolkits, discover success stories, etc.


  • Networking: Organization of annual RRI-ICT Forums, multi-faceted multi-disciplinary event, open and free of charge. They will provide a key periodic opportunity to  results of the project and invite organizations and any stakeholders interested in the RRI-ICT topic to contribute, through their exchanges, to driving the emergence of the RRI-ICT topic.


  • Analyzing: Preparation of annual RRI-ICT reports synthetizing the information collected through all project activities, analysing the emergence of RRI in ICT, highlighting success stories, identifying best practices, suggesting research avenues, deriving policy recommendations, etc.


Project Partners are: Sigma Orionis, Euclid Network, iMAL, University of Ljubljana, Insitute of Studies For The Integration Of Systems (ISIS), Politecnico di Torino


For more information, please contact: Claudia Magdalena Fabian:, and/or visit projects website:


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Tags: ICT, RRI, social innovation

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