"A boost for social innovation" in Brussels: presentation by Anette Scoppetta

2. Dez 2014

Invited by creativ wirtschaft austria and WKO

Outstanding enterprises in the field of social innovation in the spotlight: Under the title "Need a boost towards social innovation?" creativ wirtschaft austria together with the EU-office of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) presented three outstanding enterprises who have established themselves successfully in the area of social innovation. In her opening remarks at the networking evening-event Martha Schultz, WKO vice-president emphasized that WKO sees the creative industries as an important engine for economic growth with high innovation potential that contribute substantially to the competitiveness of other industries. Creative companies combine solutions for social problems with entrepreneurial action and thus define and create new markets.

Keynote speaker Anette Scoppetta, an Austrian expert for social innovation, shared her experiences in this area in her presentation "Social innovation: just a new buzzword or a new way forward?" She provided background information about the framework conditions necessary for the implementation of innovations that have the potential to solve major social challenges within the EU.

"It is important to us that the creative economy finds consideration in the EU Commission’s work programme for 2015 and that explicit policies are formulated which tap the potential and innovative capacity as well as the positive spill-overs which this industry offers", so Gerin Trautenberger, president of the creativ wirtschaft austria. Improving the conditions for finance and the implementation of guaranties granted by the European Investment Bank (EIB) are also of high importance: "Preparatory work on guaranties for the cultural and creative economy with 210 million Euros earmarked for this is already being carried out in the EIB. However, we are still waiting for a concrete proposal."

creativ wirtschaft austria is a platform that represents the interests of the creative industries in Austria on the national as well as on the European and international level. creativ wirtschaft austria is an implementation partner of "evolve", a strategy by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy to promote innovations that originate in the creative economy.

Please find the photo gallery as well as the presentations of the keynote speaker and showcases here!

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