Review on DANCERS dialogue event in Bucharest in September 2014

14. Okt 2014

Contribute to future research and participate in an online-survey!

Since more than a year ZSI is involved in the FP7 funded Coordination and Support Action DANCERS. The project aims to develop environmental research cooperation in the Danube river basin and the Danube Delta. One of the key action points is the development of a strategic research agenda for the Danube River and Black Sea delta as well as human resource capacity building for evidence based environmental management in the Danube river basin with a strong focus on universities. High attention is also given to research infrastructure for the better coverage of water related research questions.

A recent article in "independent" gives a good insight in some current problems.

Becoming part of future research
On 7-8 September 2014 DANCERS invited experts from public administrations focusing on water management, related business sector representatives and scientists to elaborate and consolidate a SWOT analysis covering the three fields of action. Based on this analysis the direction of future joint activities will be defined. All readers are invited to support the agenda and priority setting regarding future research with their contributions in a recently launched online-survey.

ZSI already organized an earlier meeting of DANCERS in May 2014. This event focused on the demand for research support – a demand mainly expressed by present responsible of water management administrations. DANCERS also addresses the ESFRI roadmap and the planning of relevant research infrastructure for environmental research in the Danube Delta. Furthermore DANCERS is linked to the Austrian initiative DREAM.

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