ZSI belongs to the top Austrian performers in FP7

16. Jun 2014

ZSI is number four among all Austrian non-university research organisations in FP7

According to the most recent Austrian PROVISO report, which regularly monitors the participation of Austrian organisations in the European Framework Programme for RTDI, ZSI could further increase its competitive position and ranks number 12 among all Austrian organisations participating in FP7. Among the Austrian FP7 project coordinators, ZSI even ranks on 5th position (see news here). ZSI is also Austria's fourth most successful non-university research organisations with around 45 successful FP7 projects.

The most successful Austrian organisation in FP7 is the Technical University of Vienna with almost 180 granted projects, followed by the University of Vienna and the Technical University of Graz. The top non-university research organisation in Austria is the Austrian Institute of Technology with almost 110 granted projects, follwed by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (almost 100 granted projects), Joanneum Research (more than 50 granted projects) and ZSI.

ZSI is on par with IIASA, the only signficant international research organisation located in Austria, and ahead of several Austrian universities, the IST Austria and all Austrian companies which participated in FP7.

Source: official PROVISO statistics, June 2014


Tags: Austria, European Research Area, research and innovation policy, research cooperation

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