European Added Value of EU Science, Technology and Innovation actions and EU-Member State Partnership in international cooperation

2. Jun 2014

Main Report

This report provides an overview of under which circumstances international Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) cooperation objectives and actions carried out at EU level will be more effective than if carried out at national or local level, and a definition of the means of actions and types of measures that might be taken at EU level that are most effective in order to achieve the desired international STI cooperation objectives.

The report has been edited by Wieneke Vullings, Erik Arnold, Patries Boekholt, Manfred Horvat, Bastian Mostert, and Monique Rijnders-Nagle.

Klaus Schuch (ZSI) participated as external expert in the workshop on the European Added Value of International STI collaboration (October 15, 2013).

The publication can be accessed here.

Tags: international cooperation

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