Review: Final conference of the CE-Ageing Platform in Rome

5. Nov 2013

More on "Perspectives and strategies for active ageing in Central Europe"

The 3rd CE-Ageing International Conference "At the hearth of an ageing continent: Perspectives and strategies for active ageing in Central Europe", co-organised by the Institute for the Development of Vocational Training for Workers (ISFOL), was held in Rome, Italy on 10 October 2013.

Successful end of the consultation process
This final conference of the CE-Ageing Platform’s project was attended by 116 key stakeholders - project and strategic partners, national and regional policy makers from Central European countries, international ageing experts and representatives of other interested organisations – representing Italy and other European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia).

The main aim of this final event of the CE-Ageing Platform was to present the projects’ results, to raise the awareness about demographic challenges in Europe, to exchange and thoroughly discuss latest developments in active ageing, silver economy, demographic change and finally to reflect on the results and outcomes of the CE-Ageing Platform project. A special attention was paid to lessons learnt from nine pilots and the core output of the project, the CE-Ageing Platform Strategy including its consultation process. The Strategy was developed by the project consortium, based on the work concluded by the Age-Steering Group as decision making body responsible for overall Strategy development. The CE-Ageing Platform Strategy was consulted with public in the period March – September 2013 and serves as joint strategic guideline for the Central European countries and regions in order to manage and adequately respond to the challenges of demographic change.

Materials available
All presentations, agenda as well as streaming, videos from the conference are available of the project website.

ZSI as partner of project
Within the CE-Ageing Platform project, the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) supported the lead partner (AKOÖ) in management and coordination activities and was responsible for the overall financial management (financial manager), the external & internal communication activities (communication manager) and for the development of the core output of the project – the CE-Ageing Platform Strategy.
All activities related to project and pilot evaluation were performed independently by ZSI department “Technology and Knowledge.”


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