Inco.Net CA/SC at economic forum and innovation conference in Kazakhstan

29. Mai 2013

The Inco.Net CA/SC project consortium presented the results of the INCO-NETs targeting Central Asia

The consortium members of the EC-funded FP7 project Inco.Net CA/SC in which ZSI is participating as analytical project partner were invited by the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies and the National Agency for Technological Development (NATD) to present the results of the Inco-nets targeting Central Asia at the VI. Astana Economic Forum/VIII Innovation Congress,which has been held in Astana from 22-24 May 2013.

In frame of the Innovation Congress organised by NATD and Inco.Net CA/SC project partner INEXCB-Kz/FP7 National Coordinator in Kazakhstan, a special session was dedicated to the EU-Kazakhstan RTDI cooperation in frame of which the S&T Policy Mix Peer Review Report to Kazakhstan has been presented. Among other presentations by high level representatives from Kazakhstan, the European Commission, Germany, Norway and other EU Member States, also information about new technologies developed in Austria were presented by Mr. Michael Lederer from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology.

Furthermore, the Inco.Net CA/SC project has also been invited to prepare an Exhibition in which the project-related results (reports, activities, etc.) as well as info materials from the project partners were disseminated. ZSI took this opportunity to disseminate RTDI-related brochures from Austria, provided by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Oead, Austrian Business Agency (ABA) and the Austrian Platform for Research & Technology Policy Evaluation (Ftval).

The Inco.Net CA/SC exhibition stand at the AEF has also been visited by H.E. Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and by Mr. Issekeshev, Deputy Prime-Minister and Minister of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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