International Cooperation in STI of EU Member States

3. Mai 2013

Comparative ERAWATCH report

A comparative report on "Overview of International Science, Technology and Innovation cooperation between Member States and countries outside the EU and the development of a future monitoring mechanism" has been recently published by the ERAWATCH Network ASBL.

This report is structured as follows:

  1. Chapter 1 Gives a summary of the organisation of the work and methodologies
  2. Chapter 2 Provides an introduction to the topic ‘international cooperation with third countries’ of this study
  3. Chapter 3 Gives an overview of the goals, rationales and targets for international STI cooperation with third countries
  4.  In Chapter 4 the policies and policy implementation are discussed
  5. Chapter 5 gives an overview of the budgets linked to these policies and instruments
  6. Chapter 6 briefly gives an overview of some of the identified trends and geographical patterns
  7. Chapter 7 Deals with the impacts and effects of international STI cooperation policy
  8. Chapter 8 provides the view of the project team on the future development of a costeffective and practical methodology for monitoring the implementation of EU Member States’ STI cooperation policies with international partner countries.
  9. Finally, chapter 9 summarises the main conclusions and findings of the study, and provides recommendations.

The report was published by Wieneke Vullings and team members of Technopolis Group and Manchester Institute of Innovation Research. The Austrian country report was prepared by Klaus Schuch, ZSI.


Tags: internationalisation, research cooperation, research policy

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