EVAL-INNO: Successful two days workshop in Athens

5. Feb 2013

Fostering evaluation competencies in research, technology & innovation in the SEE Region

SEE countries have limited record of innovation evaluation practices. The merits as well as the need for procuring evaluation emerged with the EU Structural Funds and IPA (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance). Developing high standards and competent tendering of RTDI evaluations is becoming increasingly important.

The two days workshop took place in Athens in the course of the “Fostering Evaluation competencies in Research, Technology and Innovation in the SEE Region (EVAL-INNO)”, participation from the region and the EC provided a broad and diverse picture of recent practice. A number of visits and other information sources were employed to identify and prioritize needs in the region. The current state of play shows maturity of countries like Austria and shows the high potential of a number of countries that have gained experience during the last years. Most challenging is the development of a “evaluation culture” in Research, Technology Development and Innovation (RTDI).

EVAL-INNO will announce in the next weeks one-week trainings organized in 2013 in four different countries and with an outreach to the whole SEE region including a number of countries in the area of the Southeast European Transnational Programme.
Co-funded from the SEE-Transnational Programme and IPA, the project EVAL-INNO comprises 6 partners from Austria (Leadpartner ZSI), Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Montenegro and Serbia.

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