New book: "Challenge Social Innovation"

15. Jan 2013

Potentials for Business, Social Entrepreneurship, Welfare and Civil Society

This book, edited by Hans-Werner Franz, Josef Hochgerner and Jürgen Howaldt, is based on major contributions to the famous conference 'Challenge Social Innovation' of September 2011, which immediately produced the influential 'Vienna Declaration: The Most Relevant Topics in Social Innovation Research'.

Now a reader with 22 contributions on sections concerning social innovation theory, social innovations in the service sector, on social innovation and welfare, social entrepreneurship, workplace innovation, open innovation and social meadia, measuring social innovation, and on social innovation and the social sciences is available in bookshops and as an e-Book, published bei Springer.

There are two introductory notes (forewords) by Agnés Hubert (BEPA/European Commission) and Antonella Noya (OECD Forum on Social Innovations), highlighting the relevance of concepts and practices of social innovation on the one hand, and the commitments to Social Innovation made by the Commission as
part of the EU2020 strategy and OECD's interest to 'go social to give the people hope, confidence and perspectives' on the other hand.

For detailed information by the publisher please follow this link.

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Tags: social entrepreneurship, social innovation

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