ROLE at the Cloud Education Environments Workshop in Guatemala

17. Dez 2012

Successful presentation of a scientific paper

ROLE project has been well visible at the Cloud Education Environments Workshop in Guatemala that took place in November 2012.

On November 15, Sylvana Kroop (Centre for Social Innovation, ZSI Vienna, Austria) presented a paper co-authored with the team of the Knowledge Management Institute Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria, Marcel Berthold, Alexander Nussbaumer and Dietrich Albert on the topic of “Supporting Self-Regulated Learning in Personalised Learning Environments” in context of ROLE Cloud Computing Technology. The talk included the presentation of three widget-based PLE scenarios which were evaluated in several Vienna test beds. The comparative study presents the value of the PLE scenarios in regard to the measured items of a) learning outcome and b) (cognitive, technical, time-wise) ease of the personal learning process. Moreover the study compares students and teachers point of views against the presented PLE scenarios including Self-Regulated Learning aspects. The presentation on Supporting Self-Regulated Learning in Personalised Learning Environments can be found here.

Evgeny Bogdanov from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) presented the PLEs and Embedded Contextual Spaces as Aggregator of Cloud Resources.

Alexander Mikroyannidis (The Open University, UK) presented a paper about a new European project, called weSPOT. weSPOT is proposing a cloud-based approach for personal and social inquiry. ROLE technologies will be reused and extended in this project, in order to enable students to create their mashups out of cloud-based tools and perform scientific investigations with them. Additionally, Rocael Hernandez (Galileo University, Guatemala) presented a paper coauthored with Alexander Mikroyannidis and Hans-Christian Schmitz (Fraunhofer FIT, Germany) about a ROLE test-bed in Galileo University. The paper describes the engineering process used to create a new widget bundle using the ROLE SDK. Additionally, the initial experiences are presented from using this bundle in a web-based course with students from 3 different Latin-American countries.

A whole day workshop on November 16 has been devoted to the presentation of PLEs and the tools developed by ROLE.

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