Excursion: Human centered design

15. Nov 2012

...for 'The new World of Work'

Forum Alpbach organized a working group titled "The new World of Work" (original title in German: DNA Das Neue Arbeiten). Global companies, often technology driven, invest in enhancing the productivity of their employees. The strategy to involve employees to participatein sometimes far reaching design processes is more and more frequently.

In the context of "The new World of Work" Microsoft Austria has developed a rollout concept, supported by the IMC Fachhochschule Krems (University of Applied Sciences/Austria), aiming the reorganization of work processes and the mix of interior design and corporate technologies. In the showcase of Microsoft Vienna members from all teams were involved as ‘travel agents’ to provide their individual experiences and needs, developing a local corporate interior design on particpatory base.
The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI] was recently invited to the headquarter in Vienna.

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