SOQUA Summer School 2012

22. Mai 2012

Learn about and from social innovation

Based on the huge success of last year’s international conference “Challenge Social Innovation”, the Summer School “Social Innovation in Europe and Beyond - The concept, its potential and international trends” continuation of established networks as well as the creation of novel exchange of knowledge and expertise opening up future collaboration among scholars and practitioners of social innovation.

This Summer School takes place from July 9 – 13, 2012 in the Conference centre Schönbrunn and involves about 40 participants, 20 speakers and up to 15 practitioners who are social innovators. We are going to learn about and from social innovation in regard to concepts of innovation, social innovation and innovation research (Monday, July 9), social innovation in social science (Tuesday, July 10), social innovation in the private sector (for-profit business and social entrepreneurship; Wednesday, July 11), social innovation in the public and civil society sectors (Thursday, July 12) as well as international trends and strategies (Friday, July 13).

Focus and composition of the faculty and participants are international. The summer school calls for experienced social innovators as well as persons who feel their area of work requires social innovation. Additionally, academics and scientists from various disciplines, who are or would like to become involved in social innovation research, are invited to take part in sharing scientific eagerness for knowledge and enthusiasm. “Involvement” means, we bring together experts from different walks of life in an ambience which allows learning from each other, benefiting the inquiring mind and the quest for practical experience.

Josef Hochgerner, Scientific director of the ZSI


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