"Challenge Social Innovation": 17 papers published

10. Apr 2012

Conference contributions covering a wide range of social innovation topics are now available

The following papers from the conference “Challenge Social Innovation“ are made available as ZSI Discussion Papers (DP) online for free download under

DP 14 – Francesco Barbabella, Andrea Schmidt, Frédérique Lamontagne-Godwin, Ricardo Rodrigues, Georg Ruppe, Giovanni Lamura:
Assessing the Impact of ICT-based Solutions for Carers in Europe: Preliminary Findings from the CARICT Project

DP 15 – Rasmus C. Beck:
Challenging Increasing Demands for Skilled Labor in Shrinking Cities. The New Meaning of Social Innovation Strategies in the Ruhr Area

DP 16 – Axel Bruns
Ad Hoc Innovation by Users of Social Networks: The Case of Twitter

DP 17 – Stuart Conger
Innovation for Social Programs

DP 18 – Stuart Conger
Social Innovations in the Frontline

DP 19 – Petra Dorfstätter, Petra Mayrhofer
Approaches towards Social Innovation in Civic Education

DP 20 – Georgina Guillen (with the support of Lindiwe Ngwenya)
Sustainable Consumption and Production as a Lever for Social Innovation

DP 21 – Hanna Nari Kahle, Holger Ernst
The Firm Value of Social Innovations in Base of the Pyramid Markets –
A Qualitative Approach

DP 22 – Ralf Kopp
About the Reinvention of the Management of Innovation

DP 23 – Frédéric Lesemann
Social Innovation, Informality and Social Sciences

DP 24 – Krista Loogma; Külliki Tafel-Viia; Meril Ümarik
Social Innovation: Three Approaches

DP 25 – Nicolás Monge
Social Sciences, Social Innovation and Public Policy. Universities as Agents of Change

DP 26 – Yoko Nitta
Grand Design Towards a More Resilient Society in Japan
Capitalizing on Potential of Communities and Next Sustainability Challenge

DP 27 – Sanja Popovic-Pantic
Inclusion of Female Business Community in the Economic Mainstream

DP 28 – Antonius Schröder
Implementing Innovative Structures to Improve Lifelong Learning – a Social Innovation Process. The Example HESSENCAMPUS

DP 29 – Doris Wilhelmer, Hannes Erler, Petra Wagner, Barbara Streicher
NETWORK Setups Driving Social Innovation

DP 30 – Albrecht Wirthmann
The European Survey on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Households and by Individuals

Another set of papers will become published in an anthology later in 2012.

For more information and results of the conference

"Challenge Social Innovation.  Innovating innovation by research - 100 years after Schumpeter"

Vienna, September 19 - 21, 2011

please go to

Among the results presented are the "Vienna Declaration on the Most Relevant topics of Social Innnovation Research" and the 9 minute video "Schumpeter adopts social innovation".

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