New Publication: Research activity in ASEAN countries and scientific cooperation with the EU

22. Feb 2012

A bibliometric study of research activity in ASEAN related to the EU in FP7 priority areas

As Southeast Asia is one of the most dynamic regions of the world, the European Union is aiming at facilitating close cooperation between Europe and the ASEAN countries in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation. This cooperation is implemented under the FP7 project SEA-EU-NET. Being project partner, the ZSI conducted several studies in the respective field, one of it being a bibliometric study on EU-ASEAN co-publications. Together with an analysis of research strengths of Southeast Asia that has been conducted by the United Nations University in Macau, this study has now been published within the journal "Scientometrics" and can be downloaded here

Two relevant recent developments in the area of science and technology (S&T) and related policy-making motivate this article: first, bibliometric data on a specific research area’s performance becomes an increasingly relevant source for S&T policy-making and evaluation. This trend is embedded in wider discussions on evidence-based policy-making. Secondly, the scientific output of Southeast Asian countries is rising, as is the number of international research collaborations with the second area of our interest: Europe. Against this background, we employ basic bibliometric methodology in order to draw a picture of Southeast Asian research strengths as well the amount and focus of S&T cooperation between the countries in Southeast Asia and the European Union. The results can prove useful for an interested public as well as for the scientific community and science, technology and innovation policy-making.

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Tags: scientific networks, Southeast Asia

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