Introductory Warm-up Social Flashmeeting starts iCamp first trials

11. Dez 2006

iCamp First Trials were launched on October 18th 2006, Wednesday, with a videoconference (Flashmeeting). It was a relatively large-scale meeting with about 40 participants, including four facilitators, local site coordinators and students from Istanbul, Tallinn, Kaunas and Wrocklaw. Some project members from other countries attended the meeting as well.

The trials will take place between October 2006 and January 2007 on iCamp partner sites in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Turkey. Social sciences and computer sciences students from these 4 countries will collaboratively work on the production of digital artifacts. In the first meeting the students expressed their enthusiasm about the trials.
We will follow up on the trials. Generally, the project progress can also be followed on

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