Another makeup of success stories

21. Jul 2011

News on the project New Indigo

With the launch of the New Indigo cooperation/stories , the Centre for Social Innovation started another series of success stories – yet in a different format.
The stories are aiming not only at communicating the work of 13 scientific projects, but also at supporting their scientific networking by providing insights into the expertise of the more than 60 participating researchers and institutions.
In addition, “featured stories” are highlighting specific outcomes of selected projects and therefore allow for easily keeping track of the projects’ progresses. By putting a clear emphasis on design and editorial revision, the stories are supposed to contribute to a better understanding of the project’s work and communicate the aims and scope of international scientific cooperation not only to “FP 7 insiders”, but also to a broader public.

By the end of this year, the New Indigo cooperation/stories will be extended by adding the outcomes of the second call that was recently launched within the Networking Pilot Programme  and contribute to a printed version of the stories. The latter will be compiled towards the end of New Indigo’s runtime.

Tags: internationalisation

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