New publication: R&D Cooperation with Western Balkans

19. Jun 2011

A tool to facilitate integration

The European Commission published a new brochure which informs about the process of integrating the so called Western Balkan Countries into the European Research Area. The brochure also highlights four projects coordinated by ZSI (SEE-ERA.NET [plus], WINS-ICT and WBC-INCO-NET).

"This brochure should show just how much has already been achieved, even beyond my expectations, over the last decade. But ERA is work in progress and so is the EU. We need to increase our knowledge and put it to work by joining forces and ideas together. Some suggestions on how to face the challenges ahead of us are made at the end of this brochure." (Janez Potocnik, p. 7).

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Tags: Balkan, ERA-NETs, European Research Area, internationalisation, research cooperation

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