Community of Practices (COP)

10. Feb 2011

External evaluation and review of the 7th COP Meeting

External evaluation of the Community of Practices (COP) on Partnership in the ESF appointed
The selection process for the „External Evaluation of COP on Partnership in the ESF“ was concluded in winter 2010. Based on the determined criteria for selection, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has been appointed to carry out the evaluation. By using so called “theory-based evaluation”, the Tavistock Institute will assess the effectiveness, relevance and impact of the Community of Practice. Their expected recommendations will contribute to the Partnership Learning Manual. External evaluators also participated at the 7th COP meeting held in Brussels.

Review of the 7th COP Meeting
The 7th COP Meeting focusing on “burning issues” on partnership implementation took place in Brussels, Belgium, on 19 th of January 2011. In summer 2010, the COP members shared know-how on partnerships via a brief online-questionnaire in order to gather expertise on selected "burning issues" on partnership implementation such as formal or informal partnerships and bottom-up versus top-down approaches. Some emerged during discussions at earlier ‘COP meetings and PEO explorations’. In order to get access to the website, please register on

The participants of the recent COP Meeting further discussed  issues of accountability/flexibility and mainstreaming, which were interactively explored in working groups. The outcomes of the meeting’s discussion will be included in the Partnership Learning Manual which will be published in December 2011. The manual aims to assist managing authorities in their further developmmnt and help countries to learn from experience. The manual will comprise key results of the COP and will define common approaches as well as good practices of the member states.                                

Tags: labour market, social innovation, social sciences

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