Joint Communication Seminar

co-organised by the SEE and CE programmes

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

Datum: 12. - 13. September 2012

For the first time, SEE Programme organised this training for communication managers together with the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme, thus to contribute to a valuable exchange of knowledge between the projects of both programmes. It was an opportunity for new projects to learn how to set up and efficiently implement their project communication strategies and, at the same time, running projects were supported to further fine-tune their already existing communication strategies before entering into the capitalisation phase.      
Four workshops were organised and the following presentations are available at the SEE and CE programmes websites:
  • How to develop and implement communication plans
  • How to sell results of advanced projects
  • Develop your story: identify stories and use them in a professional way
  • Develop your partnership: how to enable your project partners to contribute to mainstreaming results.

Typ: Veranstaltungen anderer Institutionen

Organisator: SEE and CE programmes

Veranstaltungsort: Maribor

Webseite: ... esentation

Involvierte ZSI-Mitarbeiter/innen:

  • Mag. Ines Marinkovic

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