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"Es geht ums Geld" beim DIRECT HUB Impact Café Nr. 2 am 10. November in Wien
Finance4SocialChange Concluding Phase in 2021
Final Information Session Austria: Finance4SocialChange
Closing Conference of the Finance4SocialChange project 24 - 25 November 2021
Finance4SocialChange Local Policy Focus Group Workshop (LPFG) on 4 November 2021
Integrating and boosting social impact investing in the Danube region
Impact Finanzierungspilot im Finance4SocialChange Projekt - Pitching Session
Impact Finanzierungspilot im Finance4SocialChange Projekt
EU-funded Interreg Project Finance for Social Change starts crucial phase
Towards improving the social impact investment market in the Danube region
Finance4SocialChange launched!


Launch event for the Finance4SocialChange project


Leveraging Finance 4 positive Social Change