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Social innovation for climate change adaptation & mitigation

Experimental approaches and the role of social innovation in climate change adaptation & mitigation policy

SIAMESE aims to obtain an overview of socially innovative climate and sustainability experiments in Austria and to better understand the reasons for their emergence and development. Building on this, the project designs an intermediary platform for the generalisation of transformative knowledge and the routine implementation of transformative projects. Accordingly, the core questions are:

  • Which outstanding socially innovative climate & sustainability experiments exist in Austria and how can they be comprehensively described and classified?
  • What contexts, capacities and resources have enabled/favoured these experiments?
  • How can these findings be used for urban and regional governance?

In order to answer these questions, the project undertakes four steps that build on each other:

Socially innovative climate experiments in AT

Based on scoping interviews with experts, a screening and an online survey, relevant recent experiments are collected and systematically processed according to descriptive criteria. The resulting overview serves as a showcase for good practice in social innovation in the climate field and at the same time allows the selection of exciting interventions for the following case study analysis.

Social Innovation & Social Change

The genesis of the five initiatives is discussed in detail by means of innovation biographies. Their (non-)intended effects on structural and cultural dimensions of social change will be examined with the help of qualitative indicators and insights for goal-oriented transformation paths and approaches will be derived.

Contexts & Drivers of Experiments

Five selected experiments will be examined in more detail with regard to their context of emergence. In this way, the conducive/obstructive territorial and political-institutional conditions for the development of transformative projects will become visible. The analysis focuses on the role of specific knowledge and imaginaries for actors’ actions and the relevance of geography and space for socially innovative experiments.

An intermediary actor

SIAMESE, together with experts, is developing an intermediary hub that will henceforth link actors, skills and resources to promote transformative projects. This hub is based on the SIAMESE research results and the Steering Board’s knowledge of support needs in policy and practice.

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