Ture Nirvane Societa’ Cooperativa Sociale di Comunita’ (Italy)

The Ture Nirvane is the managing body of Ecovillage Torri Superiore

It is a well-established reality in western Liguria that retrofitted a beautiful abandoned Medieval stone village into a fully featured guesthouse & restaurant, and the permanent residence of a community of 25 people. The Ture Nirvane (founded in 1999) was in charge of restoring the public part of the village, that covers about 50% of the village surface (the other 50% is subdivided in 22 private apartments for the residents). All the restoration work was inspired and realised according to ecological principles: the materials used are natural lime, local stone, sustainable & certified wood, natural paints, natural insulation like cork and coconut fibres. The central heating system is a combination of 3 energy sources: solar panels (40 sq. mt.), firewood (mostly local), with a small PGL gas burner as a back-up. Low temperature heating is in place all the dining rooms, and most bedrooms. The guesthouse is also supplied by 7KW of electricity produced by the PV panels installed on the roofs. Most houses have their own solar panels too. The guesthouse features 15 bedrooms and a well-known restaurant, and is open 10 months a year. Farming activities are also important in Ecovillage Torri Superiore: the residents own about 700 olive trees and produce excellent olive oil; a partnership with the SPES Social cooperative (that works with disadvantaged people, the disabled, the refugees, etc.) has recently increased the production of organic vegetables, and supplies a food coop with about 200 families in the Ventimiglia- Bordighera-Sanremo region.




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