Orkestra - Basque Institute of Competitiveness (Spain)

An initiative of the University of Deusto through the Deusto Foundation

Akronym: Orkestra

Orkestra studies competitiveness and regional development through different lines of research, with three goals: - Contribute to the improvement of the Basque Country's competitiveness - Promote the improvement of citizens' wellbeing - Create knowledge of regional competitiveness Formed in 2006, the Orkestra team promotes transformative research. This type of research is defined by analysis, reflection, evaluation and the proposal of actions, in a permanent form, aimed at providing innovative answers for the resolution of the challenges considered, while research knowledge is acquired. To this end Orkestra, who since its beginnings has been an example of success in public-private cooperation, works with a large number of networks, businesses, governments and institutions on numerous projects. In this way, aside from being an agent of change to drive competitiveness in the Basque Country, it has become an international model in the analysis of regional competitiveness in a global environment.


Mundaiz, 50 (Campus Universidad de Deusto)
20012 San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)