Canada's Public Policy Forum (Canada)

PPF is an independent, NPO dedicated to improving the quality of government in Canada

Akronym: PPF

The Public Policy Forum (PPF or the Forum) is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of governance in Canada through enhanced dialogue among the public, private and voluntary sectors. At the Forum we believe that good government, robust public policy and strong democratic institutions depend on the contributions of all sectors of society. The Forum creates a ‘safe space' that facilitates open and frank dialogue and discussion among leaders from all sectors.
PPF organizes dozens of events each year, ranging in size from small roundtable sessions to large conferences, on issues that are important to Canadians and that address questions of vital importance to our democracy and economy. Publications consist of both original research and reports detailing the policy discussions held through multi-stakeholder events. Through publications and other activities the Forum encourages further dialogue on public sector governance and policy issues.
Since its creation 25 years ago, the Forum’s membership has grown to include 180 organizations from business, federal, provincial and territorial  governments, academic and research institutions, organized labour and the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors. The Forum has successfully led initiatives in Canada focused on key issues related to science and innovation policy at the national, provincial and regional levels. For nearly four years, the Forum has served as the convener of choice for government, private companies, universities, and individual researchers on innovation and its broader policy environment.




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