JSC National Agency for Technological Development (Kazakhstan)

Central Asian partner

Akronym: JSC NATD

The National Agency for Technological Development" Joint Stock Company was founded with one hundred percent state participation in the shared capital and NATD JSC is the successor of "National Innovation Fund "JSC. The agency was created to assist in the coordination process of innovation development and provision of government support measures. The competence and powers of the Agency are prescribed in the Law "On state support of industrial innovation" on January 9, 2012. The main activities of the Agency: informational and analytical support for innovation, development of the commercialization system, development of an effective innovation infrastructure, administration of service tools designed to support innovation, investment support for innovative projects, promotion of innovation process. One of the main directions of activity of NATD JSC is a development of international cooperation with foreign partners in sphere of science, technology and innovation. NATD JSC conducted the first national technological foresight in the Republic of Kazakhstan in cooperation with Korean Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (hereinafter – “KISTEP”). KISTEP provided methodological support for NATD JSC. This Research was focused on different sectors of the Kazakhstan. As a result, 75 critical technologies were identified. NATD JSC and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe conducted “The Innovation Performance Review of Kazakhstan”. This Review presents the outcomes of an advisory project undertaken at the request of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It aims to provide a set of recommendations and policy options to stimulate innovation activity in the country, enhance its innovation capacity and improve the overall efficiency of the national innovation system. Close collaboration with the national authorities and other experts from Kazakhstan throughout the project has helped in identifying issues of practical importance and in ensuring the relevance of the Review conclusions and recommendations to national circumstances. NATD JSC is taking a part in the “PICTURE” project of the 7th Framework Programme in order to explore new opportunities for ICT Research and Development, enhancing collaboration among researchers from Kazakhstan and EU.


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