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Virtual kick-off of the BIONANOSENS project
BIONANOSENS to become the third H2020 Twinning project of ZSI

On October 6, the project "BIONANOSENS - Deepening collaboration on novel biomolecular electronics based on "smart" nanomaterials" was kicked-off through a virtual team meeting. The project is funded ...

While the use of IT tools enables new forms of participation in R&I processes, pitfalls are definitely also present.

In a recent workshop, PRO-Ethics partners discussed how to avoid deepening the "digital divide" along with other ethical dilemmas. In September, the project partner VDI/VDE-IT organised a joint cross...

Exchang experiences and lessons learned ... the 2nd cross sectional workshop on RRI social labs

On 12th and 13th October 2020, more than 70 participants from 19 different social labs of the NewHoRRIzon project met in order to exchange their experiences and lessons learned in implementing RRI in ...

What is Science Diplomacy?
Video launched by the S4D4C project

The S4D4C project, coordinated by Centre for Social Innovation (see has launched an explanatory video "What is science diplomacy?" The concept was developed under the lead of the ...

What can PRO-Ethics learn from research ethics and integrity experts?

The fields of research ethics and integrity have significant expertise in some forms of public participation in research. Research ethics committees, for example, oversee the participation of humans as...

8. Okt 2020
CoAct Call for Videos
CoAct Call for Videos
CoAct hosts a workshop at the Citizen Science SDG Conference 14.-15. October in Berlin/online

CoAct is hosting the workshop "Citizen Science is Social!" at the Citizen Science SDG Conference. CoAct is working towards a new understanding of the unexplored field of Citizen Social Science...

Im Porträt: ZSI-Forscherin Dorothea Sturn
Wie man Ethik in Forschungs- und Innovationsförderungsagenturen integrieren kann

PRO-Ethics ist ein von der EU im Rahmen von HORIZON 2020 gefördertes Projekt und wird vom ZSI koordiniert. Das Projekt erarbeitet einen ethischen Rahmen mit Grundsätzen, Richtlinien, Bewertungskriterien...

ZSI adopts the Manifesto for EU COVID-19 Research
Maximising the accessibility of research results in the fight against COVID-19

ZSI adopts the Manifesto for EU COVID-19 Research: We agree and endorse the principles below when dealing with research results stemming from EU funded research grants related to COVID-19 on prevention...

Fostering exchange and insights of RRI practices
2nd Cross Sectional Workshop on 12-13 October

ZSI fosters the exchange and insights of all 19 NewHoRRIzon pilots and invites to take part in the 2nd Cross Sectional Workshop from the 12-13 October... this time online ...     ...

Imagination für neue Zukunftsbilder und „Bürger/Inneninitiative“
Einladung zu "Kunstfachdidaktik meets circular economy" im Rahmen der Bits & Bytes Event-Reihe der Angewandten:

#Kreislaufwirtschaft #Citizen Science #Imagination #art education Gegenwärtige Herausforderungen in Ökologie und Wirtschaft lassen ein „business as usual“ in vielen Lebensbereichen unwirksam werden...

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