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When end-users become empowered stakeholders...
XGain Mutual Learning & Co-creation Workshops have been successfully completed!

The XGain “Have Your Say” stakeholders co-creation workshops were organised in six different countries based on our six different Use Cases around Europe between March and May 2023.  The scope of...

Visit of the Evaluation Research Centre of Chinese Academy of Sciences to ZSI
Evaluation and STI cooperation among the topics discussed

On September 21, Prof. Xiaoxuan Li and Prof. Fang Xu from the Evaluation Research Centre of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASERC) visited ZSI to present about the institution’s specific role in performance...

Do digital innovations present more opportunities or more challenges for social innovations?

On Friday 13 October, 14.00 - 15.45 CEST, Antonius Schröder (TU Dortmund) as chair, Monica Edwards-Schachter (Consultant & trainer), ZSI's Ursula Holtgrewe and  Mikkel Barslund and Karolien Lenaerts...

The VERITY Project celebrates a year of milestones!
The VERITY Project presents first achievements to support the issue trust in science.

The Verity Project is pleased to announce the release of the Report on strategies, methods, and tools to address societal distrust in science. A systematic review was conducted to identify evidence-based...

Kick-off of the new STECCI project, turning necropoles into new opportunities
Social Innovation and transdisciplinary approaches for the re-use, valorisation and preservation of CH by ZSI

On the 21st-23rd of September 2023 the first project meeting was held in Sarajevo. STECCI (STone monument Ensambles and the Climate Change Impact) project aim is to produce innovative and sustainable ...

The EU's scientific cooperation with China on emerging technologies
Dissecting the cooperation patterns between EU27/AC and China in AI, Machine Learning and Big Data.

In September ZSI finished its work on a public report in the ReConnect China project. It contributes to one of ReConnect China’s main research topics (China's science and technology performance, both ...

Klimakanon der Experimente - Abschlussevent des SIAMESE Projekts
Einladung zur Abschlussveranstaltung des SIAMESE Projekts.

Nach zwei Jahren Forschung zur Rolle von zivilgesellschaftlichen Klimaexperimenten in Klimaschutz und Klimawandelanpassung lädt das SIAMESE Team zum Abschlussevent ein. Die interaktive Veranstaltung...

Behaviour Change and Degrowth in Integrated Assessment Models
Presenting the NEVERMORE project at the 9th international Degrowth Conference

ZSI's Katharina Koller and Lisa Mo Seebacher contributed to a presentation titled "Modelling behavioral change for analysing degrowth pathways in Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs)", presented by...

News from the PATTERN Project: Consolidating Knowledge on OPEN RRI
New survey results on researchers' needs for Open RRI Trainings

In January 2023, the PATTERN project – Empowering Open and Responsible Research and Innovation – was officially kicked off in Rome, at the premises of APRE, the project's coordinator. ...

30. Aug 2023
MSCA4Ukraine webinar
MSCA4Ukraine webinar
Strengthening the Ukrainian research and innovation sector: the role of displaced Ukrainian researchers

This event will explore how displaced Ukrainian researchers across Europe can contribute to the strengthening of the Ukrainian higher education and research sector. It will share concrete cases of how...

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