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ZSI visit to DLR project management agency
Exploring future cooperation

The DLR project management organisation and ZSI have been working together intensively since 2004 on many projects funded by the European Research Framework Programmes. These include, for example, the...

SIAMESE Workshop: Klimaexperimente-Mauerblümchen oder Hebel zur Transformation?
Gemeinsamer Workshop von SIAMESE und der TU Innovationswerkstatt

Gemeinsam mit der Innovationswerkstatt der TU Wien lud das SIAMESE Team zu einem offenen Werkstattgespräch ein, um das Transformationspotenzial und die nötigen Rahmenbedingungen von sozial-innovativen...

PHOTORAMA at EUSEW: Register now!
PHOTORAMA will take part in the European Sustainable Energy Week. Registration open!

In the scope of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) the H2020 project PHOTORAMA is hosting 2 events. Participation in both events is free of charge.   1) the PHOTORAMA Energy Day "...

The workshop was organised by the Danish Board of Technology in March in Copenhagen.

In the last cross-learning workshop, PRO-Ethics research funding partners (RFOs) were invited to discuss the outcomes, impacts, and learnings of their pilots. They jointly reflected on the experience ...

ACCTING - First Results and next steps
ACCTING relates to a fair Green Deal and its aim to do not leave anybody behind!

The ZSI is partner in ACCTING (AdvanCing behavioural Change Through an INclusive Green deal) produces knowledge and innovations to advance behavioural change for an inclusive and equal European Green ...

ZSI Work Programme 2023
Taste the fruits!

ZSI's current work programme 2023 provides information at a glance about our main research areas, our applied projects and our current publications. You can download the report here. 

Promoting Youth Engagement in Science: A Successful Event in Banja Luka
WBC-RRI.NET event at Banja Luka University

The event "Engaging Science with and for Youth," brought together partners of the WBC-RRI.NET project (ZSI is partner and work package leader in the project). The aim was to foster mutual learning, open...

Responsible Research and Innovation in the Western Balkans
Current state-of-play in relation to the portfolio of activities developed by the WBC-RRI.NET project

    Embedding RRI in Western Balkan Countries: Enhancement of Self-Sustaining R&I Ecosystems WBC-RRI.NET is a project funded by the EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme...

ZSI researchers authored a chapter on RRI institutionalisation efforts in the ETHNA System open access book

Members of the ETHNA System consortium have published an Open Access book titled “Ethics and Responsible Research and Innovation in Practice” based on their practical experience with the RRI governance...

Horizon Europe proposal writing workshop in Belgrade
National Institute for Medical Research trained in Horizon Europe funding

As part of the TWINNIBS project, Gorazd Weiss and Philipp Brugner led a Horizon Europe Proposal writing workshop for prospective Principal Investigators (PIs) from the National Institute for Medical Research...

Science Business on building China research capacity
The EU needs an own feed of information and research-based policy advice on China

The Brussels-based news platform ScienceIBusiness writes about the EU's efforts to support pan-European research on China. The article discusses the background of the European Commission's efforts to ...

Mit technologischem Fortschritt allein ist die Energiewende nicht zu schaffen. Gefragt ist die Mitarbeit der Menschen.

Cornelia Grobner berichtet in der Presse vom 5.5.2023 über das EU-Projekt EC2. Der vollständige Artikel ist hier nachzulesen.

Interview mit Stefan Philipp zum Thema Innovation im Gesundheitswesen.

INGO – die Plattform für Führungskräfte im österreichischen Gesundheitswesen, betrieben von der Vinzenz Gruppe – interviewte Stefan Philipp zum Thema Innovation im Gesundheitswesen. Stefan Philipp ...

FOODITY Photovoice Workshop in Wien
Mit Hilfe der Photovoice Methode finden wir heraus, wie Menschen mit ihren Ernährungsdaten umgehen.

Das Projekt FOODITY hat zum Hauptziel, ein europäisches Ökosystems digitaler Lösungen zu schaffen, das unter der Wahrung der Rechte der Bürger:innen auf die Souveränität persönlicher Daten zu einer nachhaltigeren...

In November 2022, PRO-Ethics partners met to reflect on the pilot activities and further develop its Ethics Framework.

As part of this, we carried out a series of interactive workshops, starting out with a synthesis workshop on pilot experiences aimed at discussing the findings and results of our participatory pilots. ...

In the PRO-Ethics' final year, stakeholder engagement for promoting the Ethics Framework has been a top priority.

In January and March 2023, PRO-Ethics brought together research ethics and integrity experts and research and innovation organisations respectively to gather insights that could help to better shape our...

MEDIENECHO 26. Apr 2023
Strengthening public trust in science
Strengthening public trust in science
EU-funded project seeks to restore trust in science amidst rising scepticism

Funded by the European Commission under Horizon Europe, the VERITY project, in which ZSI seeks to increase trust in science and innovation by developing a set of guidelines to increase trust in science...

Kurzanalysen und Forschungsergebnisse für alle
Zwischenräume ist ein Projekt der Plattform für Nachhaltige Entwicklung an der Universität für Weiterbildung Krems.

  Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass Wissenschaft nie alleine steht, sondern sich immer in der Gesellschaft spiegelt und daher auch in deren Dienst und mit ihr gemeinsam entstehen soll. ...

Call for Associated Regions to participate in the DANUBE4all project.
DANUBE4all supports public authorities to develope roadmaps, plans, and projects to restore freshwater ecosystems

By promoting the improvement of ecological status, biodiversity, and ecosystem connectivity through the development and implementation of innovative Win-Win Nature Based Solutions, DANUBE4all aims to ...

Study on social innovation in research
A ZSI study commissioned by the Swiss National Science Foundation

Scientists are not only interested in theoretical questions, they also want to find solutions to society’s problems. This is shown by a study on the effects of SNSF-funded research. Distributing refugees...

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