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The future of Citizen Science
Citizen Science in Europe is growing!

we are very happy to be part of the ECS - European Citizen Science - consortium, which is going to launch a new project, funded under Horizon Europe. ECS will widen and strengthen the European Citizen...

The Role of Citizens in EU Missions Implementation - online event
Join the 1st Citizen Science Helix event on Feb 8th, 2022 and hear about citizens’ roles in EU missions implementation.

  EU Missions are a novelty of the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme. They are a new way to bring concrete solutions to some of our greatest challenges. With ambitious goals...

OPEN POSITION: Project and Communication Officer
Research and Innovation Policy in the Western Balkans

ZSI is looking for a qualified staff member to support the management of a Horizon Europe funded project focusing on research and innovation policy support (extending also into the fields of education...

First successful Horizon Europe project proposals at ZSI
The new acronyms to remember: NEVERMORE and POLICY ANSWERS!

ZSI is happy to announce its first successful project proposals in Horizon Europe: 1) NEVERMORE is invited to grant negotiations The project is a Research and Innovation Action in Cluster 5...

Invitation to CERUSI event: How to foster social innovation in rural areas
Thursday, 20 January 2022, 10:00 - 11:30 A.M.

The aim of CERUSI (Central European Rural Social Innovation) is to strenghten social innovation and social entrepreneurship in rural areas throughout Central Europe.  CERUSI is organising its ...

Towards clearer and more accessible science communication
SWAFS projects tackle knowledge gap in science communictaion

As citizen participation and clear communication in science become more important, the Commission provides an overview on projects which are tackling this knowledge gap and striving to improve the way...

ZSI represented in ROSiE’s Stakeholder Forum
ZSI researcher Katharina Koller represented in Stakeholder Forum of the ROSiE project.

Since December 2021, Katharina Koller represents Zentrum für Soziale Innovation GmbH in the Stakeholder Forum of the ROSiE project. ROSiE is a three-year H2020 project aiming to foster responsible ...

Let us not lose confidence!
ZSI wishes you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Begutachtung auf dem Prüfstand
Oder: Wer evaluiert eigentlich die Evaluatoren? Ö1 Dimensionen zum Nachhören mit Statements von Klaus Schuch

Der von Mariann Unterluggauer in der Sendereihe Dimensionen (Ö1) gestaltete Beitrag beschäftigt sich mit der Praxis von Evaluierung. Forschungsförderungsstellen, Wissenschaftsministerien, Universitäten...

20. Dez 2021
Gender Equality Plan
Gender Equality Plan
Gleichstellungssituation am ZSI

Ab Jänner 2022 ist ein Gender Equality Plan ein verpflichtendes Zulassungskriterium für öffentliche Einrichtungen, Forschungsorganisationen und Hochschuleinrichtungen für Einreichungen zum Europäischen...

Junior Forschungsmanager/in gesucht!
Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung!

Das ZSI sucht zur Unterstützung der wissenschaftlichen Institutsleitung eine/einen qualifizierte/n Mitarbeiter/in, der/die bereit ist, sowohl in der Forschungspraxis an Projekten mitzuwirken als auch ...

Selected Results of work and accessible resources

Running from mid-2018 to 12/2021 the project Finance4SocialChange has created valuable outcomes and accessible and most tangible results are listed in this news entry... A vast collection of important...

How to create better science communciation
New blogpost by the TRESCA project on interim findings

Crises like COVID-19 can be an opportunity to reframe conversations around politics, research funding and governance. Promoting robust and transparent scientific and transdisciplinary methods, supported...

Das ZSI sucht eine:n Forscher:in im Bereich FTI-Politik (EU und Österreich)
Wir möchten unser Team verstärken und freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung!

Wir wollen unser Profil im Bereich "Forschungs- und Innovationspolitik“ durch einen Experten / eine Expertin verstärken, der/die im hohen Ausmaß gute Kenntnisse über die österreichische und europäischen...

ZSI researchers Dietmar Lampert and Gábor Szüdi detail their work undertaken so far! Learn more

The goal of the project “Ethics Governance System for RRI in Higher Education, Funding and Research Centres”, in short ETHNA System, is to implement and enforce an internal management and procedural system...

Support in implementation of EU funded projects

The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) is currently seeking support by a student (or recent graduate) working part-time in the role of an intern. ZSI is a private non-profit institute for applied social...

A proud member of the Platform Research and Technology Policy Evaluation
Evaluation Talent Award goes to María del Carmen Calatrava Moreno and Magdalena Wicher

The Austrian Platform for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (FTEval) celebrates soon its 25th anniversary. Klaus Schuch, scientific director of ZSI and managing director of the Platform FTEval...

MEDIENECHO 25. Nov 2021
Wenn Laien kreativ forschen
Wenn Laien kreativ forschen
... ein Beitrag von Johannes Lau, Der Standard, über ZSI-Projekte

Im Interview mit den beiden ZSI-Expertinnen Pamela Bartar und Barbara Kieslinger portraitiert Johannes Lau, Der Standard, ZSI-Projekte an der Schnittstelle zwischen Forschung, Kunst und Maker Spaces. "...

Citizen Science in Europe
stories from 3 years of EU-Citizen.Science

During the last three years, the EU-Citizen.Science project created a hub for Citizen Science in Europe. Watch how you can make use of it (in English with German subtitles):    &...

Results brief for the S4D4C project published by CORDIS
"Driving better science diplomacy in the face of global challenges" in 6 languages

After the end of the S4D4C project, the CORDIS editorial team interviewed the project coordinator from ZSI, Elke Dall to highlight the key results of the project. Read the full article here in German...

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